Thursday, October 1, 2009

IIT JEE Final Revision Set 13

1. When a gas A is passed through dry KOH at low temperature, a deep red-coloured compound, B and gas C are obtained. The gas A on reaction with but-2-ene, followed by treatment with Zn/H2O yields acetaldehyde. Identify A, B and C.

2. Write the conversion process for converting benzene into 4-Nitrobenzaldehyde.

3. A 4:1 molar mixture of He and CH4 is contained in a vessel at 20 bar pressure. Due to a hole in the vessel the gas mixture leaks out. What is the composition of the mixture effusing out initially?

4. What is the number of waves made by a Bohr electron in one complete revolution in its third orbit?

5. t-butanol and n-butanol are separately treated with a few drops of dilute KMnO4. In one case, the purple colour disappears and a brown precipitate is formed. Which of the two alcohols gives the above reaction?

Source: 1994 JEE paper

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