Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.75

1. 7-bromo-1, 3, 5-cycloheptatriene exists as ionic species in aqueous solution
while 5-bromo-1, 3 cyclopentadiene doesn't ionize even in presence of
Ag+ (aq). Explain.

2. On the basis of ground state electronic configuration arrange the following
molecules in increasing O-O bond length order.

KO2, O2, O2[AsF6]

3. In the following equilibrium

N2O4(g) <--> 2NO2(g)
When 5 moles of each are taken, the temperature is kept at 298 K the total
pressure was found to be 20 bar. Given that

△Gf0(N2O4) = 100 kJ

△Gf0(NO2) = 50 kJ

(i) Find △G of the reaction
(ii) The direction of the reaction in which the equilibrium shifts

4. A1 and A2 are two ores of metal M. A1 on calcinations gives black precipitate,
CO2 and water. Find A1

5. An organic compound 'P' having the molecular formula C5H10O treated with
dil H2SO4 gives two compounds, Q and R both gives positive idoform test.
The reaction of C5H10O with dil H2SO4 gives reaction 1015 times faster than
ethylene. Identify organic compound of Q and R.

Source Main 2004 JEE

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