Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.76

1. Which species has the maximum number of lone pair of electrons on the central atom?
(a) [ClO3-]
(b) XeF4
(c) SF4
(d) [I3-]

2. Which kinds of isomerism is exhibited by octahedral Co(NH3)4 Br2CI?
(a) Geometrical and ionization
(b) Geometrical and optical
(c) Optical and ionization
(d) Geometrical only

3. Which ore contains both Iron and Copper?
(a) Cuprite
(b) Chalcocite
(c) Chalcopyrite
(d) Malachite

4. Which of the following is not oxidised by O3?
(a) KI
(b) FeSO4
(c) KMnO4
(d) K2MnO4

5. Which one of the following statement for order of reaction is not correct?
(a) Order can be determined experimentally
(b) Order of reaction is equal to sum of the power of concentration terms in differential rate law
(c) It is not affected with stiochiometric coefficient of the reactants
(d) Order can not be fractional

Source: Screening Jee 2005

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