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IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.53

1. Cyclobutyl bromide on treatment with magnesium in dry ether forms an organometallic (A). The organometallic reacts with ehtanal to give an alcohol (B) after mid acidification. Prolonged treatment of alcohol (B) with an equivalent amount of HBr gives 1-bromo-1-methylcyclopentane (C). Write the structures of (A), (B).

2. The compression factor (compressibility factor) for one mole of a Van der Waals gas at 0°C and 100 atmospheric pressure is found to be 0.5. Assuming that the volume of a gas molecule is negligible, calculate the Van der Waals constant a.

3. A white substance (A) reacts with dilute H2SO4 to produce a colourless gas (B) and a colourless solution (C). The reaction between (B) and acidified K2Cr2O7 solution produces a green solution and a slightly coloured precipitate (D). The substance (D) burns in air to produce a gas (E) which reacts with (B) to yield (D) and a colourless liquid. Anhydrous copper sulphate is turned blue on addition of this colourless liquid. Addition of aqueous NH3 or NaOH to (C) produces first a precipitate, which dissolves in the excess of the respective reagent to produce a clear solution in each case. Identify (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E).

4. The vapour pressure of two miscible liquids (A) and (B) are 3000 and 5000 mm of Hg respectively. In a flask 10 moles of (A) is mixed with 12 moles of (B). However, as soon as (B) is added, (A) starts polymerizing into a completely insoluble solid. The polymerization follows first-order kinetics. After 100 minutes, 0.525 mole of a solute is dissolved which arrests the polymerization completely. The final vapour pressure of the solution is 400 mm of Hg. Estimate the rate constant of the polymerization reaction. Assume negligible volume change on mixing and polymerization and ideal behavior for the final solution.

5. The standard potential of the following cell is 0.23 V at 15oC and 0.21 V at 35°C.
Pt | H2(g) | HCl(aq) || AgCl(s) | Ag(s)

Write the cell reaction.

Source 2001 JEE

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