Friday, October 2, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Set 18

1. Give reasons: (SiH3)3N is a weaker base than (CH3)3N.

2. A 5.0 cm³ of H2O2 liberates 0.508 g of iodine from an acidified KI solution. Calculate the strength of H2O2 solution in terms of volume strength at STP.

3. 1,4-Pentadiene reacts with excess of HCl in the presence of benzoyl peroxide to give compound X which upon reaction with excess of Mg in dry ether forms Y. Compound Y on treatment with ethyl acetate followed by dilute acid yields Z. Identify the compounds X,Y and Z.

4. State whether the statement is true or false.
When PbO2 reacts with a dilute acid, it gives hydrogen peroxide.

5. State whether the statement is true or false.
Benzaldehyde undergoes aldol condensation in an alkaline medium

Sources: JEE 1995
JEE screening 1982

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