Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.78

1. In which of the following crystals alternate tetrahedral voids are occupied?
(a) NaCI
(b) ZnS
(c) CaF2
(d) Na2O

2.The elevation in boiling point of a solution of 20.16 g of CuCl2 in 1 kg of water will be:
(Molecular weight of CuCl2 = 134.4 and Kb = 0.52 Kg K mol-1)
(a) 0.075 °C
(b) 0.150 °C
(c) 0.468 °C
(d) 0.234 °C

3. Name of the structure of silicates in which three oxygen atoms of [SiO4]4– are shared is :
(a) pyrosilicate
(b) sheet silicate
(c) linear chain silicate
(d) three dimensional silicate

4. Lyophilic sols are :
(a) irreversible sols
(b) they are prepared from inorganic compounds
(c) coagulated by adding electrolytes
(d) self-stabilizing

5. Which pair of compounds is expected to show similar colour in aqueous medium?
(a) FeCI3 and CuCI2
(b) VOCI2 and CuCI2
(c) VOCI2 and FeCI2
(d) FeCI2 and MnCI2

Source: Screening JEE 2005

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