Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.69

1. In the process of extraction of gold,
Roasted gold ore + CN- + H2O → O2 → [X] + OH-
[X] + Zn → [Y] + Au
Identify the complexes [X] and [Y] :
(a) X = [Au(CN)2]-, Y = [Zn(CN)4]2-
(b) X = [Au(CN)4]3-, Y = [Zn(CN)4]2-
(c) X = [Au(CN)2]-, Y = [Zn(CN)6]4-
(d) X = [Au(CN)4]-, Y = [Zn(CN)4]2-

2. Positive deviation from ideal behaviour takes place because of :
(a) Molecular interaction between atom and PV/nRT > 1.
(b) Molecular interaction between atom and PV/nRT is l.t. 1.
(c) Finite size of atom and PV/nRT > 1
(d) Finite size of atoms and PV/nRT is l.t. 1

3. An enantiomerically pure acid is treated with racemic mixture of an alcohol having one chiral carbon. The ester formed will be:
(a) Optically active mixture
(b) Pure enantiomer
(c) Meso Compound
(d) Racemic mixture

4. Calculate the molarity of water if its density is 1000 kg/m3.

5. The average velocity of gas molecules is 400 m/sec. Calculate its rms velocity at the same temperature.

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