Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Sets No.39

1. Hydrogen peroxide acts both as an oxidizing and as a reducting agent in alkaline solution towards certain first row transition metal ions. Give examples

2. Give reason: Acid catalysed dehydration of t-butanol is faster than that of n-butanol.

3. Assertion - Reason type
Nuclide 30Ai13 is less stable than 40Ca20.
Nuclides having odd number of protons and neutrons are general unstable.

4. Assertion - Reason type
Al (OH)3 is amphoteric in nature
Al — O and O — H bonds can be broken with equal ease in Al(OH)3

5. Assertion - Reason type

statement:The value of Van der Waals’ constant ‘a’ is larger for ammonia than for nitrogen.
Reason: Hydrogen bonding is present in ammonia.

Source: 1998 JEE

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