Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Sets No.37

1. For a first order reaction :
(A) the degree of dissociation is equal to (1 – e-kt).
(B) a plot of reciprocal concentration of the reactant vs. time gives a straight line.
(C) the time taken for the completion of 75% reaction is thrice the time taken for completion of 50% of the reaction.
(D) the pre-exponential factor in the Arrhenius equation has the dimension of time, T-1.

2. According to Graham’s law, at a given temperature the ratio of the rates of diffusion rA/rB of gases A and B is given by:
(A) (PA / PB) (MA / MB)1/2 (B) (MA / MB) (PA / PB)1/2
(C) (PA/ PB ) (MB / MA)1/2 (D) (MA / MB) (PB/ PA)1/2

3. State true or false

The pH of 1.0 × 10-8 M solution of HCI is 8.

4. Assertion -Reason
Statement: Benzonitrile is prepared by the reaction of chlorobenzene with potassium cyanide.
Reason: Cyanide (CN–) is a strong nucleophile.

5. Thionyl chloride can be synthesized by chlorinating SO2 using PCI5.

Give its balanced equation.

Source: 1998 JEE

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