Thursday, October 8, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision sset No.42

Multiple correct choice may exist

1. An aromatic molecule will :
(A) have 4nπ electrons (B) have (4n + 2)π electrons
(C) be planar (D) be cyclic

2. A buffer solution can be prepared from a mixture of :
(A) sodium acetate and acetic acid in water
(B) sodium acetate and hydrochloric acid in water
(C) ammonia and ammonium chloride in water
(D) ammonia and sodium hydroxide in water

3. Ammonia, on reaction with hypochlorite anion, can form:
(A) NO (B) NH4Cl
(C) N2H4 (D) HNO2

4. Ionic radii of :
(A) Ti4+ < Mn7+ (B) 35Cl- is less than37Cl-
(C) K+ > CI- (D) P3+ > P5+

5. A white solid is either Na2O or Na2O2. A piece of red litmus paper turns white when it is dipped into a freshly made aqueous solution of the white solid.
Identify the substance

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