Friday, October 2, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Set 17

1. Calculate the pH of an acqueous solution of 1.0 M ammonium formate assuming complete dissociation

(pKa of forming acid = 3.8 and pKb of ammonia = 4.8)

2. At 380°C, the half-life period for the first order decomposition of H2O2 is 360 min. The energy of activation of the reaction is 200 kJ mol‾¹. Calculate the time required for 75% decomposition at 450°C.

3. What are the products of reaction between MgCl2 and water at room temperature?

4. The compound with no dipole moment is

a. methyl chloride b. methylene chloride
c. carbon tetrachloride d. chloroform

5. Among the following, the compound that can be most readily sulphonated is

a. chlorobenzene b. nitrobenzene
c. toluene d. benzene

Sources: JEE paper 1995
Jee screenig 1982

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