Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.62

1. An aqueous solution of a substance gives a white precipitate on treatment with dilute hydrochloric acid, which dissolves on heating. When hydrogen sulfide is passed through the hot acidic solution, a black precipitate is obtained. The substance is a
(A) Hg22+ salt
(B) Cu2+ salt
(C) Ag+ salt
(D) Pb2+ salt

2. Which of the following process is used in extractive metallurgy of magnesium?
(A) Fused salt electrolysis
(B) Self reduction
(C) Aqueous solution electrolysis
(D) Thermite reduction

3. Identify the correct order of solubility of Na2S, CuS and ZnS in aqueous medium
(A) CuS > ZnS > Na2S
(B) ZnS > Na2S > CuS
(C) Na2S > CuS > ZnS
(D) Na2S > ZnS > CuS

4. Anhydrous ferric chloride is prepared by
(A) Heating hydrated ferric chloride at a high temperature in a stream of air
(B) Heating metallic iron in a stream of dry chlorine gas
(C) Reaction of ferric oxide with hydrochloric acid
(D) Reaction of metallic iron with hydrochloric acid

5. How many bond pairs and lone pairs are there in XeF4?

Source: JEE 2002 for 1 to 4

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