Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.68

1. In the electrolytic cell, flow of electrons is from :
(a) cathode to anode in solution
(b) cathode to anode through external supply
(c) cathode to anode through internal supply
(d) anode to cathode through internal supply
2. In a first order reaction the concentration of reactant decreases from 800 mol/dm3 to 50 mol/dm3 is 2 × 104 sec. The rate constant of reaction in sec-1 is :
(a) 2 × 104
(b) 3.45 × 10-5
(c) 1.386 × 10-5
(d) 2 × 10-4

3. During depression of freezing point in a solution the following are in equilibrium :
(a) liquid solvent, solid solvent
(b) liquid solvent, solid solute
(c) liquid solute, solid solute
(d) liquid solute solid solvent

4. H3BO3 is :
(a) Monobasic and weak Lewis acid
(b) Monobasic and weak Bronsted acid
(c) Monobasic and strong Lewis acid
(d) Tribasic and weak Bronsted acid

5. 23Na is the more stable isotope of Na. Find out the process by which 24Na can undergo radioactive decay:
(a) b- emission
(b) a emission
(c) b+ emission
(d) K electron capture

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