Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.77

1. How will you convert butan-2-one to propanoic acid?
(a) Tollen’s reagent
(b) Fehling solution
(c) NaOH/I2/H+
(d) NaOH/NaI/H+

2. Which blue-liquid is obtained on reacting equimolar amounts of two gases (N and O) at –30°C?
(a) N2O
(b) N2O3
(c) N2O4
(d) N2O5

3. Which of the following resonating structures of 1-methoxy-1, 3-butadiene is least stable?
(a) CH2—CH=CH—CH=O—CH3
(b) CH2=CH2—CH—CH=O—CH3
(c) CH2—CH—CH=CH—O—CH3
(d) CH2=CH—CH—CH—O—CH3

4. The ratio of the rate of diffusion of helium and methane under identical condition of pressure and temperature will be:
(a) 4
(b) 2
(c) 1
(d) 0.5

5. When PbO2 reacts with conc. HNO3 the gas evolved is:
(a) NO2
(b) O2
(c) N2
(d) N2O

Source JEE screening 2005

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