Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.57

1. The common features among the species CN-, CO and NO+ are :
(a) Bond order three and isoelectronic
(b) Bond order three and weak field ligands
(c) Bond order two and acceptors
(d) Isoelectronic and weak field ligands.

2. The chemical composition of ‘slag’ formed during the smelting process in the extraction of copper is :
(a) Cu2O + FeS
(b) FeSiO3
(c) CuFeS2
(d) Cu2S + FeO

3. In the standardization of Na2S2O3 using K2Cr2O7 by iodometry, the equivalent weight of K2Cr2O7 is:
(a) (molecular weight)/2
(b) (molecular weight)/6
(c) (molecular weight)/3
(d) Same as molecular weight

4. The set representing the correct order of first ionization potential is :
(a) K>Na>Li
(b) Be>Mg>Ca
(c) B>C>N
(d) Ge>Si>C

5. The correct order of hybridization of the central atom in the following species NH3, [PtCl4]2-, PCl5 and BCl3 is:

(a) dsp2,dsp3,sp2 and sp3
(b) sp3,dsp2,dsp3,sp2
(c) dsp2,sp2,sp3,dsp3
(d) dsp2,sp3,sp2,dsp3

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