Saturday, October 3, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Set 20

1. An organic compound E with molecular formula C5H8 on hydrogenation gives compound F with molecular formula (C5H12). Compound E on ozonolysis gives formaldehyde and 2-ketopropanal. Give the structural formula of compound E.

2. Give reason: Optically active 2-iodobutane on treatment with NaI in acetone gives a product which does not show optical activity.

3. Give reasons:
Acetic acid can be halogenated in the presence of P and Cl2 but formic acid cannot be halogenated in the same way.

4. Match the following

Decarboxylation---------Addition reaction
Ozonolysis--------------Soda lime
Williamson's synthesis--Structure of alkene

5. What is cannizzaro reaction?

JEE 1995
Jee 1983

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