Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.61

1. Which of the following compounds exhibits steroisomerism?
(A) 2-methylbutene- 1
(B) 3-methylbutyne-1
(C) 3-methylbutanoic acid
(D) 2-mtethylbutanoic acid

2. The nodal plane in the Pi(Π)-bond of ethane is located in
(A) The molecular plane
(B) A plane parallel to the molecular plane
(C) A plane perpendicular to the molecular plane which bisects the carbon - carbon σ-bond at right angle
(D) A plane perpendicular to the molecular plane which contains the carbon - carbon σ-bond

3. Polyphosphates are used as water softening agents because they
(A) Form soluble complexes with anionic species
(B) Precipitate anionic species
(C) Form soluble complexes with cationic species
(D) Precipitate cationic species

4. Identify the least stable ion amongst the following
(A) Li-
(B) Be-
(C) B-
(D) C-

5. A gas 'X' is passed through water to form a saturated solution. The aqueous solution of treatment with silver nitrate gives a white precipitate. The saturated aqueous solution also dissolves magnesium ribbon with evolution of a colourless gas 'Y'. Identify 'X' and 'Y'.
(A) X =CO2, Y= Cl2
(B) X =Cl2, Y= CO2
(C) X =Cl2, Y= H2
(D) X =H2, Y= Cl2

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