Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Sets No.33

1. State true or false
The coordination number of each type of ion in CsCI crystal is 8.

2. State true or false
Fe2+ ion gives blue precipitate with potassium ferricyanide.

3. State true or false
The magnetic quantum number may have a negative value.

4. The standard reduction potential values of three metallic cations, X, Y, Z are 0.52, –3.03 and –1.18V respectively. The order of reducing power of the corresponding metals is:
(A) Y > Z > X (B) X > Y > Z
(C) Z > Y > X (D) Z > X > Y

5. White phosphorus (P4) has :
(A) six P–P single bonds (B) four P–P single bonds
(C) four lone pairs of electrons (D) PPP angle of 60°.

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