Friday, October 9, 2009

IIT-JEE-Chemistry-Final Revision Set No.48

1. In the Contact process for industrial manufacture of sulphuric acid, some amount of sulphuric acid is used as a starting material. Explain briefly. What is the catalyst used in the oxidation of SO2?

2. Explain why o-hydroxybenzaldehyde is a liquid at room temperature while
p-hydroxybenzaldehyde is a high melting solid.

3. A plant virus is found to consist of uniform cylindrical particles of 150 A in diameter and 5000 A long. The specific volume of the virus is 0.75 cm3/g.
If the virus is considered to be a single particle, find its molar mass.

4. When 3.06 g of solid NH4HS is introduced into a two-litre evacuated flask at 27°C, 30% of the solid decomposes into gaseous ammonia and hydrogen sulphide.
(i) Calculate Kc and Kp for the reaction at 27°C.

5. One mole of nitrogen gas at 0.8 atm takes 38 s to diffuse through a pinhole, whereas one mole of an unknown compound of xenon with fluorine at 1.6 atm takes 57s to diffuse through the same hole. Calculate the molecular formula of the compound.

Source 1999 JEE

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