Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Sets No.31

1. Highly pure dilute solution of sodium in liquid ammonia :
(A) Shows blue colour
(B) exhibits electrical conductivity
(C) produces sodium amide
(D) produces hydrogen gas

2. p-Chloroaniline and anilinium hydrochloride can be distinguished by:
(A) Sandmeyer reaction (B) NaHCO3 (C) AgNO3 (D) Carbylamine test

3. The energy of an electron in the first Bohr orbit of H atom is – 13.6 eV. The possible energy value(s) of the excited state(s) for electrons in Bohr orbits of hydrogen is(are) :
(a) – 3.4 eV (b) – 4.2 eV (c) – 6.8 eV (d) + 6.8 eV

4. 6. In nitroprusside ion the iron and NO exist as Fe(II) and NO+ rather than Fe(III) and NO.
These forms can be differentiated by :

(A) estimating the concentration of iron.
(B) measuring the concentration of CN.
(C) measuring the solid state magnetic moment.
(D) thermally decomposing the compound.

5. State true or false.
A metal that crystallizes in bcc structure has a coordination number of 12.

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