Saturday, October 10, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Set No.53

1. Compound (X) on reduction with LiAIH4 gives a hydride (Y) containing 21.72 hydrogen along with other products. The compounds (Y) reacts with air explosively resulting in boron trioxide. Identify (X) and (Y).

2. A metal complex having compositon Cr (NH3)4 CI2Br has been isolated in two forms (A) and (B). The form (A) reacts with AgNO3 to give a white precipitate readily soluble in dilute aqueous ammonia, whereas (B) givens a pale yellow precipitate soluble in concentrated ammonia. Write the formula of (A) and (B).

3.Starting from SiCI4, how do you prepare silicon?

4. Hydrogen peroxide solution (20 ml) reacts quantitatively with a solution of KMnO4 (20 ml) acidified with dilute H2SO4. The same volume of the KMnO4 solution is just decolourised by 10 mL of MnSO4 in neutral medium simultaneously forming a dark brown precipitate of hydrated MnO2. The brown precipitate is dissolved in 10 ml of 0.2 M sodium oxalate under boiling condition in the presence of dilute H2SO4. Write the balanced equations involved in the reactions.

5. How would you synthesise 4-methoxyphenol from bromobenzene in NOT more than five steps?

Source: JEE 2001 mains

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