Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Sets No.35

1. State true or false
Fe2+ ion gives brown colour with ammonium thiocyanate.

2.state true or false
In silver atom, 23 electrons have a spin of one type and 24 of the opposite type.

3. The geometry and the type of hybrid orbital present about the central atom in BF3 is:
(A) linear, sp (B) trigona planar, sp2
(C) tetrahedral, sp3 (D) pyramidal, sp3

4. Benzyl chloride (C6H5CH2CI) can be prepared from toluene by chlorination with :
(A) SO2CI2 (B) SOCI2
(C) CI2 (D) NaOCI

5. Addition of high proportions of manganese makes steel useful in making rails
(A) gives hardness to steel.
(B) helps the formation of oxides of iron.
(C) can remove oxygen and sulphur
(D) can show highest oxidation state of +7.

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