Monday, October 29, 2007

IIT JEE Chemistry Questions Ch.3. ATOMIC STRUCTURE

Atomic structure :
Bohr model,
spectrum of hydrogen atom,
quantum numbers;
Wave-particle duality,
de Broglie hypothesis;
Uncertainty principle;
Qualitative quantum mechanical picture of hydrogen atom,
shapes of s, p and d orbitals;
Electronic configurations of elements (up to atomic number 36);
Aufbau principle;
Pauli’s exclusion principle and
Hund’s rule;

Direct theory questions

1. Explain the following terms

a. Energy level
b. Sublevel
c. orbital
d.aufbau order
e. Hund's rule
f. principal quantum number
g. secondary quantum number
h. magentic quantum number
i. spin quantum number
j. Pauli exclusion principle

2. What is Bohr theory of atomic struncture?
3. Wuat is the quantum mechanical theory or model of atomic structure?

Aplication questions

1. How does Hund's rule explain the fact that oxygen has two unpaired electrons?
2. Explain why the maximum number of electrons in the fifth energy level is 50 (2*2^2).
3. Tell what is wrong in the following set of quantum numbers
2,2,0, +1/2

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