Sunday, October 28, 2007

IIT JEE Chemistry Questions 32. Aminoacids and Peptides

Amino acids and peptides: General structure (only primary structure for peptides) and physical properties.
I. simple Questions

1. What are amino acids?
2. What is the link between amino acids and proteins?
3. Give two examples of amino acids with Nonpolar R Group.
4. Give two examples of Amino acids with Polar R Group.
5. Give two examples of amino acids with charged R group.
6. Give two examples of amino acids that cannot be made by human body.
7. What is chiral nature of amino acids?
8. What zwitterion?
9. What is peptide linkage?
10. What is a dipeptide?
11. What is the relation between peptide and protein?
12. What is the simplest amino acid?

First answer the questions yourself using the text book. If required visit for answers

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