Sunday, October 28, 2007

IIT JEE Chemistry Questions 29. Phenols

Haloarenes: nucleophilic aromatic substitution in haloarenes and substituted haloarenes (excluding Benzyne mechanism and Cine substitution).

1. What phenol?
2. How is phenol prepared using benzene?
3. What is the action of Bromine water on phenol?
4.How is phenol prepared using benzene sulphonic acid?
5.What is the action of dilute nitirc acid on phenol?
6. How is phenol prepared using chlorobenzene?
7. What is the action of conc. nitric acid in the presence of conc. sulphuric acid on phenol?
8. How is phenol prepared using cumene?
9. What is the action of Bromine in CS-2 on phenol?
10. Give a test distinguish between phenol and ethanol?
11. What is the action of conc. sulphuric acid at different temperatures on phenol?
12. How will you obtain from carbolic acid picric acid?
13. How do you use ferric chloride to distinguish between phenol and alcohol?
14. How will you obtain 2,4,6-tribromophenol from carbolic acid?
15. What are the differences in physical properties among p-nitrophenol, o-nitrophenol and m-nitrophenol?
16.What is williamson synthesis?
17. what is Fries rearrangement?
18. What is the action of nitrous acid on phenol?
19. What is Reimer-Tiemann reaction?
20. What is Schotten-baumann reaction?
21. What do phenols liberate when treated with sodium?
22.Are phenols soluble in sodium bicarbonate solution?
23. what happens when phenol is exposed to air?
24. What is picric acid?
25. What is cresol?

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