Sunday, October 28, 2007

IIT JEE Chemistry Questions Ch. 11. SURFACE CHEMISTRY

Surface chemistry:
Elementary concepts of adsorption (excluding adsorption isotherms);
Colloids: types, methods of preparation and general properties;
Elementary ideas of emulsions, surfactants and micelles (only definitions and examples).
1. What is adsorption?
2. distinguish between adsoprtion and absoprtion.
3. Distinguish between physical adsoprtion and chemical adsoprtion.
4. What is adsorbent?
5. what is adsorbate?
6. Explain the role of adsorption in catalysis.
7. Distinguish between emulsion and gel.
8. Distinguish between colloid solution and true solution.
9. Distinguish between lyophilic colloids and lyophobic colloids.

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