Sunday, October 28, 2007

IIT JEE Chemistry Questions Ch.10. CHEMICAL KINETICS

Chemical kinetics:

Rates of chemical reactions;
Order of reactions;
Rate constant;
First order reactions;
Temperature dependence of rate constant (Arrhenius equation).

1. Define or explain each of the following concepts

a) Chemical kinetics
b) reaction rate
c) rate law
d) reaction constant
e) reaction mechanism
f) rate determining step
g) Law of Mass Action
h) Order of reaction of a reactant
i) Overall order of reaction
j) Collision theory
k) activation energy
l) catalyst
k) negative catalyst
l) inhibitor

2. What changes rate constant of a reaction for a given set of reactants?
3. What changes rate of reaction for a given set of reactants?
4. How can you predict change in rate of reaction if you know the rate law?
5. What are units of rate of reaction?
6. What is the order of a reaction? How is it determined?
7. When are the units of rate constant and rate of reaction identical?
8. Describe the behaviour of rate constant with respect to temperature?
9. what are the units of activation energy?
10. How do you measure activation energy?

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