Sunday, October 28, 2007

IIT JEE Chemistry Question Bank Ch.12. NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY

Nuclear chemistry:

isotopes and isobars;
Properties of alpha, beta and gamma rays;
Kinetics of radioactive decay (decay series excluded), carbon dating;
Stability of nuclei with respect to proton-neutron ratio;
Brief discussion on fission and fusion reactions.

1. Isotopes have same atomic number. State True or false.
2. What is atomic number(Z)?
3. what is Mass Number (A)?
4. What is neutron number (N)?
5. What are isobars?
6. What is mass defect?
7. What is binding energy?
8. what is radioactivity?
9. What is radioactive constant?
10. What is half life period?
11. What is artificial transmutation?

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