Monday, October 29, 2007

IIT JEE Chemistry Questions Ch. 6 ENERGETICS

First law of thermodynamics;
Internal energy, work and heat, pressure-volume work;
Enthalpy, Hess’s law;
Heat of reaction, fusion and vapourization;
Second law of thermodynamics;
Free energy;
Criterion of spontaneity.

1. Define the following terms;

a. Thermodynamics.
b. Open system
c. Heat capacity
d. Heat of formation
e. Enthalpy
f. Heat of combustion
g. Heatof neutralization
h. Isothermal process
i. Isothermal process
j. Intramole energy
k. Intermole energy
l. Molar heat energy
m. Heat of reaction
n. Heat of combustion
o. Adiabatic process
p. Exothermic reaction
q. Endothermic reaction

2. State the first law of thermodynamics in its two forms.
3. Give two statements of law conservation of energy.
4. What is Kirchoff's equation?
5. How do you express a thermochemical equation?

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