Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Organic Nitrogen Compounds - Nitro Compounds - Conceptual Questions

1. What are nitro compounds?
2. What is nomenclature system of nitro compounds?
3. How do you prepare nitro compounds?
a. From alkyl halides
b. By nitration
c. Preparation of aromatic nitric compounds

4. What are physical properties of nitrocompounds?
a. Physical state and smell
b. Boiling points
c. Solubility in water
d. stability

5. Chemical properties or reactions of nitro alkanes

1. reduction – catalytic reduction, reduction with methal hydrides, reduction in neutral medium, reduction in alkaline medium, electrolytic reduction, selective reduction,
2. Hydrolysis – of primary nitoalkanes, of secondary nitro compounds
3. reaction with nitrous acid
4. halogenation
5. ring substitution reactions of nitrobenzene
6. tautomerism

6. what are uses of nitro compounds?
7. How do you distinguish between nitroalkanes and alkyl nitrites?
8. Describe properties of the following nitro compounds.
a. Nitro benzene b. Dinitrobenzene (meta, Ortho, and para), c. Trinitrobenzene, d. Trinitrotoluene

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