Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bonding Concepts in Organic Compounds - Conceptual Questions

1. Explain the concept of formal charges.
2. Explain the concepts of electronegativity and polarity.
3. What are atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals?
4. What are bonding and antibonding orbitals?
5. Where do you find sp3, sp2 and sp hybridization bonds?
6. Explain the concept of resonance.
7. What are the rules for writing resonance structures?
8. Explain various concepts of acids and bases.
9. Explain the concepts of conjugate base and conjugate acid.
10. Explain the concepts of acidity constant.
11. What the effect of following structural aspects on the strength of acids and bases?
a. inductive effects
b. effect of the atom bonded to the hydrogen
c. resonance
d. hydrogen bonding
e. hybridisation

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