Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ethers - Conceptual Questions

1. What are ethers?
2. What is the common system of nomenclature of ethers?
3. What is the IUPAC system of nomenclature of ethers?
4. Explain chain isomerism in ethers.
5. Explain functional isomerism in ethers.
6. Explain metarmerism in ethers.

7. Discuss the following methods of preparing ethers

A. From alkyl halides - Williamson’s synthesis
B. From alcohols
i. by dehydration
ii. by the action of diazomethane

8. What are physical properties of phenols?
a. Physical state and smell
b. Boiling points
c. Solubility
d. Dipole moments

9. Explain the following chemical reactions/properties of ethers

A. Reactions of ethereal oxygen
i. Formation of peroxides – action of air
ii. Formation of oxonium ion – action with concentrated H2SO4
iii. Reaction with Lewis acids

B. reaction involving cleavage of C-O bond

i. Cleavage by halogen acids
ii. cleavage by sulphuric acid
iii. Cleavage by phosphorous pentachloride
iv. Cleavage by acid chlorides

C. Reactions of alkyl group
i. Halogenation

D. Ring substitution in aromatic ethers

10. Write short notes on the following ethers
a. Dimethyl ether
b. Diethyl ether
c. Di-isopropyl ether
d. Divinyl ether

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