Saturday, January 10, 2009

Isomerism - Conceptual Questions

1. What is isomerism and what are isomers?
2. Explain what is meant by structural isomerism.
3. Explain the concept of chain or nuclear isomerism.
4. Explain the concept of functional isomerism.
5. Explain the concept of metamerism.
6. Explain the concept of tautomerism.
7. Explain the concept of stereo isomerism.
8. What is geometrical isomerism?
9. What is optical isomerism?
10. What are relative and absolute configurations of specifying configurations of chiral carbon molecules?
11. Explain the method of Fischer projection representation.
12. What are diasteromers?
13. What is racemic synthesis?
14. What aremeso compounds?
15. What enantiomers?
16. What is a racemic mixture?
17. Explain E and Z configuration
18. Explain R and S configuration.
19. What are conformational isomers or conformers?
20. What are typical conformations of alkanes?
21. What are typical conformations of cycloalkanes?

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