Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Simple Questions Ch. 33 Polymers Question Bank

1. What is a polymer?
2. Give two examples of natural polymers.
3. What are homopolymers?
4. What are step-growth polymers?
5. What are chain growth polymers?
6. What are elastomers?
7. Give two examples of fibres.
8. What is a thermoplastic?
9. What is the monomer for polymer polyvinyl acetate?
10. How do you get isomers of Poly(1,3-butadiene) from butadiene?
11. Give two examples of copolymers.
12. What vulcanizatin of rubber?
13. Give tow examples of step growth polymers.
14. How do you get nylon-66 polymer?
15. How do you produce bakelite?
16. What are the monomers of Buna-S polymer?
17. What do you get by polymerisation of caprolactum?
18. What is monomer of teflon?
19. What is monomer of synthetic rubber?
20. What is the monomer of starch?

First answer the questions yourself using the text book. If required visit www.iit-jee-chemistry-aps.blogspot.com for answers

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