Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Simple Questions Ch. 31 Carbohydrates Question Bank

1. what are carbohydrates?
2. How are carbohydrates classified?
3. How is gluco prepared from sucrose?
4. What are monosaccharides?
5. give an example of polysaccharide.
6. Give an example of oligosaccharide.
7. How many stereo isomers a carbohydrate can have?
8. What is a cyclic hemiacetal position?
9. What is Haworth projection?
10. What is Fischer projection?
11. What is chair conformational formula?
12. What are anomers?
13. What is mutarotation?
14. What reactions are supported by reducing sugars?
15. Give two examples of disaccharides.
16. What is invert sugar?
17. what are hydrates of carbon?
18. Give the structure of Ketopentose.
19. give the structure of ketotriose.
20. Give the structure of aldotetrose.
21. Give 5 sugars and rank them in relative order of sweetness.

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