Sunday, September 2, 2007

Alkynes Simple Questions (S.Q.3)

Simple questions on reactions of Alkynes

1. When propyne is treated with acqeous H-2SO-4 in the presence of HgSO-4, which ketone is formed?
2. Which hydrocarbon contains acidic hydrogen?
3. Give bases stronger and weaker acetylene?
4. Give acids stronger than and weaker than acetylene?
5. To add water to a triple bond what other chemicals are required?
6. When R’MgBr reacts with RC- triple bond-CH, what alkane will result?
7. What are the products of ozonolysis of triple bond (alkyne)?
8. What is the output when ethyne is passed through hot iron tube at 400 degrees Celsius?
9. What is Lindlar’s catalyst?
10. Which alkene will emerge when alkyne is reduced with Lindlar’s catalyst?
11. Which alkene will emerge when alkyne is reduced with lithium metal in liquid ammonia solvent?
12. Among alkynes and alkenes, which are more reactive to halogens? Why?
13. What is the product obtained by adding water to 1-butyne in the presence of required catalysts? What are the catalysts?
14. What are tautomers?
15. What is final the output of polymerization of acetylene? What are intermediate outputs?
16. What are alkadienes?
17. What do you get by adding H-2 to 2-butyne? Give the two alternatives due to difference in reducing agents.

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