Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Simple Questions Ch. 30 Amines Question Bank

1. What are Amines?
2. How do you prepare ethylamine?
3.How will you prepare diethyl amine?
4. How is ethyl amine prepared from nitroethane?
5. How will you prepare ethyl amine from acetaldoxime?
6. How will yoo prepare ethalamine from methyl iodide?
7. How do you distinguish primary, secondary and tertiary amines?
8. What are the Differences between primary, secondary and tertiary amines?
9. What is the action of acetyl chloride on primary amines?
10. What is the action of sodium nitrite and hydrochloric acid on ethyl amine?
11. what is the action of nitrous acid in dimethyl amine?
12. Give the structure of 2-propanamine.
13. What is methylation of amines?
14. What is the action of acetic anhydride on Triethyl amine?
15. What is carbalamine test?
16. what is Libermann reaction?
17. what is Gatttermann reaction?
18. What is Hinsberg reagent?
19. what is Hoffmann's method?
20. What is aniline?
21. How do you prepare diazonium salt?
22. What is sandmeyer reaction?

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