Monday, December 17, 2007

Past JEE Questions Ch.2

JEE Question 2007 paper II
Matrix matching

Match the chemical system/units cells mentioned in column I with their characteristic features mentioned in column II. Indicate your answer by darkening the appropriate bubbles of the 4 × 4 matrix given in the ORS.

Column I------------------------- Column II
(A)simple cubic and ---------(p)have these cell
face-centred cubic------------parameters a = b = c and
------------------------------ α =β = γ

(B)cubic and rhombohedral-- (q) are two crystal systems
(C) cubic and tetragonal (r) Have only two
-----------------------------crystallographic angles of
(D) hexagonal and monoaclinic --(s) Belong to same
------------------------------------crystal system

A – p, s
B – p, q
C – q
D – r, q

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