Monday, December 24, 2007

Application Questions Ch. 5 Bonding

Understand the following statements

1. CuSO4 has ionic, covalent and coordinate bonds
2. SO2 involves sp2 hybridization
3. HgCl2 and C2H2 are linear molecules
4. CH3+ has sp2 hybridization
5. SO2, NO2 and ClO2 are not linear while CO2 is linear.
6. NCO- has linear structure.
7. In ClO2- chlorine atom has sp3 hybridization
8. In OF2 oxygen atom will have sp3 hybridization.
9. N2O4 has covalent and coordinate bonds
10. Molecular oxygen has unpaired electrons.
11. NO3- has sp2 hybridization.
12. NO2+ has sp hybridization


1. Which of the of following do not exhibit both ionic and covalent bond.
a) BaSo4
b) NH4Cl
c) Ca(NO3)2
d) HCl

2. Which of the following has maximum covalent character?
a) LiI
b) LiF
c) LiCl
d) LiBr

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