Monday, December 17, 2007

Past JEE Questions Ch.30 Amines

1. How will you convert 4-nitroaniline to 1,2,3-tribromobenzene 1990
2. How will you synthesis benzamide from nitrobenzene? 1994
3. How do you prepare m-bromoiodo benzene from benzene? 1997
4. Write the structure of products of the following reaction
CH3CONHC6H5 ----Br2,Fe--->
5. How will you bring about conversion of analine to benzylamine?
6. Arrange the following in the decreasing order of basic character:

a) Methylamine, dimethylamine, aniline, N-methylaniline
b) CH3CH2CH2NH2, HO(CH2)3NH2, HO(CH2)2NH2
7. p-chloroaniline and anilinium hydrochlordie can be distinguished by
a) sanmeyer's reaction
b) NaHCO3
d) Carbylamine test 1998

8. Among the following the strongest base is

a) C6H5NH2
b) p-NO2-C6H4NH2
c) m-NO2-C6H4NH2
d) C6H5CH2NH2 2000

9. In reaction of p-chlorotoluene with KNH2 in liquid NH3, the major product is

a) 0-toluidine
b) m-toluidine
c) p-toluidine
d) p-chloroaniline 1997

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