Monday, April 28, 2008

Questions on Hydrocarbons - Preparation and Properties

1. Which one of the following alkanes can be easily sulphonated?

a. isobutane b. n-butane

c. n-pentane d. n-hexane

2. Addition of HBr to 2 methyl-1-propene in the presence of hydrogen peroxide mainly forms -------------------

3. An alkene with the molecular formula C4H8 upon ozonolysis gives one mole of propanone and one mole of methanal. The alkene is --------------------.

4. An alkene on vigorous oxidation with KMnO4 gives only acetic acid. The alkene is --------------.

5. An alkene with molecular formula C6H12 on oxidation with hot KMnO4 solution gives only HOOC-(CH2)4-COOH. The alkene is

6. Hydrocarbons that give both electrophilic and nucleophilic addition reactions -------------.

7. Alkaline KMnO4 oxidation of ethyne gives --------------.

8. Toluene is prepared from benzene by -------------- reaction.

9. Which one of the following will undergo meta substitution on monochlorination?

a. ehtoxybenzene b. chlorobenzene
c. 2,2,3,3-tetramethylbutane d. n-butane

10. When propene is treated with HBr in the dark and in absenceof peroxide, the main product is ----------------------- .

11. If in the reaction of C6H5Y, the major product is m-isomer, the group Y is -------------.

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