Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ch.34 POC - Carboxylic Acids - Spot Exercise

IIT JEE Preparation Material

1. What is Tollen's reagent?
2. Does acetic acid give Tollen's reagent test?
3. What is distinguishing product in the reaction of formic acid with Tollen's reagent?
4. How do you distinguish formic acid and acetic acid using Mercuric chloride?
5. What is the molecular formula of acetone?
6. What is iodoform?
7. How do you distinguish acetic acid and aceton with the use of iodine?
8. How do you use sodium bicarbonate to distinguish acetic acid and acetone?
9. What is the effect of alcohol on blue litmus?
10. What is the effect of acetic acid on sodium bicarbonate?

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