Thursday, September 10, 2009

IIT JEE Chemistry Final Revision Set No. 10

1. Calculate the equilibrium constant for the reaction,
2Fe3+ + 3I- ↔ 2Fe2+ + I3-.
The standard reduction potentials in acidic condition are 0.77 and 054 V respectively for Fe3+/Fe2+ and I3-/I- couples.

2. The hardest Boron Compound is

a. BN
b. B2O3
c. B4C
d. NaBO2

3. A solution of (+)-2-chloro-2-phenylethane in toluene racemizes slow in the presence small amount of ______________ due to the formation of ___________ .

4. CuCl has a similar structure as of Zinc blend and its structure density is 3.4 g/cm³. What is the length of unit cell edge?

a. 802pm
b. 578pm
c. 662pm
d. 678pm

5. Assertion-Reason type

Statement:For each ten degree rise of temperature the specific rate constant is nearly doubled.
Reason: Engery-wise distribution of molecules in a gas is an experimental function of temperature.

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